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Bionicle: Mask, Armor, or Other (Lego) Pre-Owned

Bionicle: Mask, Armor, or Other (Lego) Pre-Owned

  • $7.99

-Each bag contains at least 1 Bionicle Mask
, Armor, or Other.
-Qty varies and is not guaranteed to be more than 1.

This listing is meant to serve to show our in-store and local customers we have such items in stock, where customers see the prepackaged items prior to purchase. Buying online is at your own risk with no guarantee, return, or exchange.

: We do our best to assure pieces are the brand stated, but some pieces may be another brand/color/etc. You will receive a random piece. Bag may contain a mask or no mask. May contain a piece of armor or no armor. May contain a "other" piece or no "other" piece. Items are as is. All sales are final. Pieces may not be switched out. Some items may not be from a smoke free home.

(WARNING: This product can be a choking hazard for small children and is recommended for children ages 3+.)

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