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Condition Rating System



Our items range in condition based on many factors including disc, manual, case, case art, box, etc. The rating systems used on games, movies, etc. vary widely, and is subject to interpretation, so our store uses the same system found at major retailers worldwide, which lists items as “New” OR “Pre-Played/Pre-Owned.” Our Pre-Played/Pre-Owned items range from mint condition, to never used, to ex-rentals, to great condition, to fair condition, to rough condition and may have stickers. Disc based items come into our store ranging in condition, so we use professional grade disc repair machines to repair scratched discs before shipping or in-store sale. We are confident in the items we sell and we stand behind our items with our Guaranteed to Play policy. If you are curious about specific items, you are welcome to ask before you buy.* We have sold hundreds of thousands of items and we always try to bring customers the best quality possible, but for mass listing purposes and because there are a variety of rating definitions, we only guarantee the playability and not the condition. Items are sold as is with no returns except as stated in our “Insurance and Guaranteed to Play” policies. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

New/Factory Sealed:

Here at GBE, we do not believe in selling resealed games as factory sealed. When we sell factory sealed items, they come from our distributors throughout the US and are verified by the distributors as 100% factory sealed. Factory sealed means that the item was sealed by the factory and has not been opened. Some games that are factory sealed have the standard folded wrapper and may or may not have a sticker seal. Some games are sealed in the softer hot seal wrapper and may or may not have a sticker seal. Some games (including some pc games) may be in a box without plastic wrap, but will be sealed with a clear sticker seal. Feel free to email us with any questions.* We will not issue any refunds under any circumstance based on condition disputes. In addition, if an item such as an article of clothing, toy, accessory, etc. is listed as new and did not originally come in a box or was not sealed, then “new” simply means it has not been used. Items are sold as is with no returns except as stated in our “Insurance and Guaranteed to Play” policies.

Toys/Action Figures/Boxed Items/Etc: New items that come in a box of any kind may have shelf wear. If an item is listed as "NEW" it is in fact brand new, However, in some cases a new item may show wear to its original container.

*If you would like to email us with further questions, please be patient in waiting for a response. We deal in very high volumes of orders and customers. Your questions are important to us! If you do not receive an immediate response, please understand that our first priority is to our customers who have placed an order with us and to get items shipped to our customers as quickly as possible.