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Returns / All Sales Final Policy


Our goal is to give our customers the ability to buy from us with confidence, knowing we do the work, upfront, of inspecting and testing items, (and even downplaying expectations via condition, etc) so that once they make their purchase, they can just enjoy their item. In turn we can enjoy the fruits of our labor, and the only reason we see each other again is for the next fun experience, free of returns and hassles.

We understand our policies can seem weighted against the customer.
The reality is that we go out of our way to take care of customers. Our family is always talking about the best way to serve each customer.
We do our job, and do it well so our customers don't have to just rely on loose policies and the hassle of returns later.

What our policies are in fact weighted against are people that want to use our store for free rentals, complain just to get discounts, make "mistakes" at our expense, blame us for user error, make assumptions, nitpick, etc.
We are not only not trying to "dupe" those people into buying from us, we are telling them to not buy anything from us.

Our expertise, meticulous care, work ethic and practice of under promising and over delivering helps make sure our customers receive what they pay for, if not more.

We know our product, and we have a reputation of taking care of our customers, even when it's not easy. However, we also have to protect ourselves from the large amount of "friendly" fraud that people attempt, simply because they don't see the harm.

All the time and effort we put into what we do, making sure the customer gets what they paid for, is also why we have an all sales final policy. We highly value our customers, but to best serve them, we also have to value our time and resources. 

We have been in business since the 1980s, and have seen a great deal. People sometimes lie and/or buy thoughtlessly figuring someone else will pay for their mistakes. They do not care or even think about the hurt it brings small businesses or the families that run them.

We do in fact take care of genuine issues, and heavily weight the customer being taken care of. We spend time discussing and investigating every issue that is brought to our attention, and attempt to proceed with every transaction the way we ourselves would see to be fair if we were the customer. That said, we also wouldn't be attempting to ever lie, take advantage, commit theft/return fraud, etc. We believe it is a great offense for anyone to commit such acts against another person, and act accordingly toward anyone that we believe is attempting said acts. 

We have our policies to protect our business, and also protect the business that many of you have grown to love and support. Without our customers we would not have a business, but the fact is that we do not want everyone as a customer. We have to earn your business, but our customers in turn have to earn the right to do business with us.
If you believe the customer is always right...find another store to buy from. This is not your store. However, if you want to get what you paid for, and be able to trust you will be treated with respect by people that are considered experts in their field...here we are.

With that said, we encourage you to check us out locally. We are a family-owned business. We are real people, and we do this for a living. We are on most social media sites, and our history speaks for itself. We aren't going anywhere.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please note that you must contact us prior to any return. We are not responsible for any returns made without authorization, and will discard or return to sender any such returns, at our discretion.

In the case a return needs to be made based on our Guaranteed to Play or Shipping Policies, or is significantly not as described, below is the information you will need to know.

We stand behind all of our items that have the Guaranteed to Play policy listed in the description. We would never intentionally send a broken and/or not as described item to a customer. We have become trusted in our local community and worldwide in online sales by taking care of our customers.

If your item arrived broken, it may have been broken in the mail and we will be happy to have our team inspect/repair it for you. If the item arrived broken and/or not as described, you are welcome to send it back and we will return to you a 100% working item free-of-charge. If we are unable to repair the item to 100% working status, or replace with the same item, we will review the transaction further and provide a store credit for the item when needed.*

PLEASE NOTE: All emails, the online listing, and all store policies are taken into account when determining returns and refunds.  All returns must be post marked WITHIN 14 DAYS of receiving the item to be eligible for a return and/or covered by our Shipping and/or Guaranteed to Play Policy.

*Once you are certain that the item is broken or not as described, you can return the item by following our instructions below.


1.) Review our trouble shooter guide below, the listing, our policies, etc.
2.) Make note of the item number, customer's name, and a detailed reason for the return.
3,) Feel free to include a copy of any emails between you and Grumpy Bob's Emporium and/or or NewFire Gaming pertaining to the return of the item.
4.) Include a copy of the original item page with any discrepancies clearly circled, if applicable.
5.) Return all items that were received. If damaged in transit, and applicable, include the original packaging/mailers.
6.) Mail everything in a new secure package to assure the items are returned as they were received for a proper investigation.

Grumpy Bob's Emporium
2915 N. Center St.
Maryville, IL. 62062

(If an item is returned and is found to be "as described", working properly, not GBE Verified**, damaged after shipment, or the policies as stated above are not followed, etc. we will terminate any further assistance, consider the items forfeited, and transaction closed. In some cases, if a claim is found to be false, fraudulent, and/or not covered by GBE, we will charge a return shipping and handling fee in addition to a minimum service charge of $5.00 per item. If incurred, these fees are to be paid within 7 days of request/invoice or item(s) will be forfeited and transaction closed. Please take care when returning the item(s) as we are not responsible for items during return shipment to GBE. (Example: lost, damaged, Incomplete, insufficient postage, or stolen)

** All of our items and cases are specially marked for GBE Recognition so we will be able to verify that it was a game sent from our facility.
(If at any point a customer chooses to leave negative reviews, the action signals that they have opted out of any further assistance and the transaction will at that point be considered closed. Our policies are stated at all times in the listings before items are purchased. We act in accordance to those policies as the seller and buyer both agreed upon at the time of sale.)

Trouble Shooters:

1.) BROKEN ITEMS: Make sure the item is actually broken and not interacting incorrectly with your machine. This is a very common problem. Some brands do not play certain items at the fault of the system. All of our items are US Region 1 for play on US and Canadian systems only (unless otherwise clearly stated in the listing.) We do not guarantee that our items will play on modded systems or other regions' systems.
2.) NOT AS DESCRIBED ITEMS: Please review the item's listing in its entirety to confirm it is in fact "not as described." We will not return or refund items just because they did not meet your expectations. Our listings are very clear and all of the correct information is provided. (Review our reference to stock photos\info and "pre-played" explanation in the item's listing. - You may need to click the  Additional Terms and Conditions link in the listing.)
3.) CARTRIDGE BASED GAMES: Cartridge based games might need a little bit of care every now and then. Here are a couple tricks that should have you gaming in no time at all:
- Blow on the contacts located at the bottom of the game, and also blow in the game console itself where you insert the game. This is to remove any dust that may have settled on the contacts that prevents cartridge based games from working properly.
- Get a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and clean off the contacts on
the game.
- Not all cartridge games are compatible with "clone" systems. We do not return games due to compatibility issues.
4.) GAME WON'T SAVE: If there is an issue regarding the save function, please make sure that it is not a dead battery. Batteries are replaceable and as stated we DO NOT stand behind dead batteries.
5.) PLAYSTATION GAMES:  If this is a PS1, PS2, or PS3 game, please make sure your Playstation system is compatible with the game in question, and/or fully functional. PS2 system are well known for not playing certain formats including (but not limited to) PS1, Blue Back PS2, Silver Back PS2, DVD, and CD. If the system has trouble playing any of these, the system is most likely faulty and further testing should be done before returning the item. (NOTE: Not all Playstation games are compatible with PS3 systems.)
6.) XBOX GAMES: Not all original Xbox games are compatible with the XBOX 360. Not all Xbox 360 games are compatible with Xbox One. We will not replace an XBOX game that will not play on your XBOX 360. We will not replace an Xbox 360 game that will not play on the Xbox One. Please Google compatibility and compatibility issues prior to purchase.

7.) CORRUPT GAME FILES OR SAVES: Game saves, whether on a cartridge based game or a memory card, can become corrupt. This does not mean the game is broken. It is possible there is a glitch in the actual game, but not the game disc/cartridge. This is a gaming nightmare to have all your hard work corrupted, but another game will not fix the problem. Many times, the only solution is to start over.

8.) VHS: Make sure the tracking system on your VCR is working properly and that your heads are nice and clean. Some VCRs work better than others. We recommend trying a VHS on multiple VCR's before making your return.

9.) ETC, ETC, ETC.: Basically, check to make sure the item is faulty before you send it back. WE DO NOT COVER returned items that work properly when inspected on our systems and/or are as described in the listing.