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Product Information and Disclaimers


What's Included:

If any item is not specifically listed as being included and/or listed in the "Includes" section of the listing, then it is NOT included. (Example: Bonus discs, controllers, adapters, maps, manuals, inserts, posters, guns, dance pads, etc.)

Unless specifically stated otherwise, video games do not include any disc(s) other than the game disc(s). The same goes for any item type that states "disc(s)", including DVDs, Blu-ray, CDs, etc.
In the section of the listing, for a video game, that states, "Includes:," "Disc(s)" specifically pertains to the game disc(s), meaning all discs required to play the game, are included. aka, if a Game is a 4-disc game, "Disc(s)" would mean it includes all 4 game discs. For a movie, "Disc(s)" would mean the stated movie is disc(s) are included.
A game that originally came with additional discs, such as a bonus DVD, would not include the bonus DVD, unless the Bonus DVD is specifically stated as "included" in the "Includes:" section of the listing.
Unless an item is specifically stated in the "Includes:" section, it is not included. Examples: manual, bonus items, Bonus DVD, cases, case art, box, maps, soundtracks, demo discs, dance pads, controllers, memory cards, DLC codes, Inserts, box inserts, advertisements, etc.

We have begun changing many of our pre-owned listings to state that the item is simply "pre-owned" and have eliminated the "Includes" section in many of those listings. The policy remains the same, however, that unless an item specifically lists additional items that are included, the listing is to be considered to be for the game disc(s) only. Same with movies, music, etc.
Though, many of our items include more than just the game, movie, or music disc(s), such as the case and/or manual, we do not guarantee it. We are a very small team, with limited time, and mainly have our store set up for instore shopping. As a result, we never want to over promise, and would rather under promise, and deliver above expectations.

When we state, in our product descriptions/listings, "100% Original," this is referring to the included disc(s) or cartridge(s). This is not implying the item is 100% complete. It is only referencing the disc(s) or cartridge(s), which is what the listing is for. Aka it means the disc(s) or cartridge(s) are original, and not reproductions.
When a listing for other items, such as a controller, system, etc, states in our product descriptions/listings, "100% Original," this is referring to the fact that the item is not a bootleg, "fake," etc. It does NOT guarantee or mean that certain parts have not been replaced/repaired with 3rd party pieces.

Product Details:

In some listings, there is a section labeled as "Product Details." We do our best to assure that the information in that section is correct, but it is pulled into the listing as stock information, and sometimes stock information is not 100% correct. Although we stand behind you receiving the item as stated in the title of the listing, we do not guarantee that the "Product Details" section is 100% accurate. 



The photos used in our listings may be official or GBE stock photos, unless specifically noted as the photo of the actual item. Stock photos are used for general reference purposes only. The actual item’s appearance may vary from that of the stock photo provided. STOCK PHOTOS ARE USED FOR REFERENCE ONLY, and do not specifically represent the item's condition, edition, etc. With that said, we do our very best to provide our customers with the most accurate information and highest quality we can, because we want you to return to our store time and time again, with confidence. However, due to the large amount of inventory we deal with, we must use stock information for most listings, and we do not guarantee stock photos to match that of the item you receive. We guarantee that you will receive the title stated in the title! Please do not assume anything. We do not stand behind customer's assumptions. If you are not sure what edition an item is, please ask. If you have any questions, please ask before you buy.*


Unless we specifically state in the listing that a game is a specific release/edition (aka: Black Label, Greatest Hits, Platinum Hits, etc.) we do not guarantee the edition you will receive.

Stock Information:

Many of our listings include stock information pulled from the internet. Although it is normally correct, we do not stand behind or guarantee the stock information as correct. The item you receive will always be stated in the title of the listing. If you have any questions, please refer to the title and description we have provided. If you are looking for a specific release of a title (example: Greatest Hits, Non-Greatest Hits, etc.) please verify what version we have in stock before you buy. If you need further assistance, please feel free to email us with your questions.*

PC Games:

We guarantee our PC games to play correctly, but we cannot guarantee a game to work on your PC. If you want to know what specs or operating system a PC game requires, please do so before making your purchase. We will not refund or exchange a game that does not work because your computer cannot play it.

*If you would like to email us with further questions, please be patient in waiting for a response. We deal in very high volumes of orders and customers. Your questions are important to us! If you do not receive an immediate response, please understand that our first priority is to our customers who have placed an order with us and to get items shipped to our customers as quickly as possible.


Sometimes mistakes are made. We do our very best to ensure customers can buy with confidence, but sometimes that means just being honest and transparent.
On rare occasions, an item is listed in online inventory that isn't in our actual inventory (and vice versa).
Sometimes, when we enter an item into inventory, we accidentally enter the wrong information (example: quantity in stock, what is included, price, etc). If we realize a mistake has been made, we will reach out to the customer. In those circumstances, it may result in a canceled order, or simply us asking the customer if they would still like to proceed with the purchase. 
We reserve the right to cancel any order, for any reason, at any time.