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Rewards Program (Under Construction)

The rewards/points program is a work in progress, and may be cancelled without notice, at anytime, without reason.
Points earned may be canceled, deleted, and or not honored, while we are working out the bugs and figuring out which rewards program works best for our store and customers.

That said, we are working hard to provide a fun and rewarding program for our customers. We hope to not have to cancel anything, and intend on honoring it in as much as is possible....but we want to be upfront and overly transparent, and never promise anything we do not intend to stand behind.

Frankly, one issue is that we still need to fine tune it, and make sure we are not giving too much or too little. We are also not certain which rewards program we are going to stick with, and are just test driving some at the moment.

Right now, the rewards/points program is under construction, and may be deleted and/or not honored. Check back for updates.