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Rewards Program (Under Construction)

The rewards/points program is a work in progress, and may be cancelled without notice, at anytime, without reason.
Points earned may be canceled, deleted, and or not honored, while we are working out the bugs and figuring out which rewards program works best for our store and customers. It's also possible there will be glitches in the rewards program itself causing unintended issues, both "good" and "bad."

That said, we are working hard to provide a fun and rewarding program for our customers. We hope to not have to cancel anything, and intend on honoring it in as much as is possible....but we want to be upfront and overly transparent, and never promise anything we do not intend to stand behind.

Frankly, one issue is that we still need to fine tune it, and make sure we are not giving too much or too little. We are also not certain which rewards program we are going to stick with, and are just test driving some at the moment.

Again, right now, the rewards/points program is under construction, and may be deleted and/or not honored.
Check back for updates as we continue to our journey into getting this all figured out.

Currently (Updated 10/20/22):

  • Rewards are set to expire 365 Days from being earned.
  • Rewards are delivered to your account 7 days after finalized transactions.
  • The rewards system is set to notify customers 30 days prior to point expiration.
  • Bonus points earned from spending a specific amount, buying specific items or from specific categories can be earned once per day. (ie "Buy ANY Movie & Get 25 EXTRA Points!")
  • VIP Tiers are currently set to "Past Year." This means that only transactions within the past year, from today, are accounted for when considering Tier status.
  • Rewards will be canceled when payments are refunded, partially refunded, or voided.
  • Rewards will not be earned on items discounted for any reason or that are part of a sale.
  • Rewards issued for reviews and photos of products must be legit and applicable, pertaining to the actual product they are logged to, and abide by our community standards, as deemed by management. Spamming or abuse of the program in anyway will result in points being revoked and/or account banned.
  • All bonus actions have to be done through the rewards page, while logged into your GrumpyBobsOnline.com account, to receive points.
  • "Refer a Friend" requires your friend to use your referral link, and make an online purchase. You get 5 points for every 1.00 they spend! Your link can be found in your "Earn Points" page. The more people that use your link, and make a purchase, the more you earn. Each referee can only use your link once.
  • Making purchases, via your account, online or instore will auto earn points to your account.
  • When presenting your account info instore (name, phone, or email), be sure to give the correct information to assure points are logged to the right account.
  • Payments via Gift Cards currently do not earn rewards.

When Logged in to your account, you can click this link to quickly find your Rewards, redeem current rewards, see what bonus points you can earn, check your history, and read the FAQS page.
(Be sure to click "more" on the "Rewards" and "Earn Points" pages, to see more options.

 ACTIVE WAYS TO EARN Reward Points via your GrumpybobsOnline.com account:

  • 5 Points For Every $1 Spent
  • Spend $50.00 & Get 50 EXTRA Points!
  • Buy ANY Movie & Get 25 EXTRA Points!
    • Punch Card (Place 5 Orders of 25.00 or more) (Earn 100 Points)
    • Refer a Friend (Earn 5 Points for every 1.00 spent)
    • Follow us on Instagram (Earn 25 Points)
    • Facebook (Sharing is Caring) (Earn 50 Points)
    • Follow us on Twitter (Earn 25 Points)
    • Visit Our Facebook Page (Earn 25 Points)
    • Let's Get Social (Share our website via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email, or Pinterest) (Earn 25 Points)
    • Happy Birthday! (Earn 100 Points)
    • Leave Reviews (Product and site reviews) (Earn 5 Points + 5 Bonus Points for including a picture)
    • Subscribe to Newsletter (Earn 25 Points)
    • Share to Twitter (Earn 25 Points)
    • Create account (Earn 50 Points)

    We also currently have tiers so that for every 1,000.00 you spend, you level up to the next tier and earn more points.


    • 1000.00 = (Grumpy Level 1) x1.1 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 2000.00 = (Grumpy Level 2) x1.2 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 3000.00 = (Grumpy Level 3) x1.3 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 4000.00 = (Grumpy Level 4) x1.4 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 5000.00 = (Grumpy Level 5) x1.5 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 6000.00 = (Grumpy Level 6) x1.6 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 7000.00 = (Grumpy Level 7) x1.7 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 8000.00 = (Grumpy Level 8) x1.8 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 9000.00 = (Grumpy Level 9) x1.9 Points Per $1.00 Spent
    • 10000.00 = (Grumpy Level 10) x2 Points Per $1.00 Spent