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Shipping and Guaranteed to Play Policy


We are a small, family-owned business, and we primarily set-up our website for local customers to place orders for in-store and curbside pick-up during the pandemic. Prior to literally flipping a "switch" to go online in 2020, we only used Shopify as a POS/Inventory system that was not customer facing. Our focus remained on keeping our storefront open amongst the insanity, which is why our webstore may seem less than optimal for online shopping. 

We are doing our best to accommodate as many shipping orders, within the USA, as we can, and in most cases are able to ship without issue. We will provide a full refund for any item ordered, that for some reason, we are unable to ship.
Though it may not always appear that we are working nonstop to bring a better experience to both instore and online customers, we are, and we appreciate your patience and support.

We ship as fast as possible, to get items to our customers quickly as we can, but we DO NOT in anyway guarantee USPS's transit times. The transit times you may see at checkout are provided by USPS and/or Shopify, may not include handling times, and we in no way stand behind them. We CANNOT, in ANY way, help expedite the USPS's transit times. If the USPS's transit times have upset you in anyway, your best course of action is to contact the USPS, with your complaints, rather than us, because we are not the USPS.
However, your true best course of action is to remain patient, stay calm, and remember that waiting a little longer than expected for a game, movie, etc will not be the worst thing to have happened this year...


Shipping and GUARANTEED TO PLAY Policy:

Only items with “Guaranteed to Play” stated within the listing are covered by our guaranteed to play policy. All other items are sold AS IS.

ISSUES NOT COVERED: Guaranteed to Play Policy DOES NOT COVER, nor are the exemptions limited to the following:

1)      Dead batteries;

2)      Broken cases;

3)      Torn wrappers;

4)      Crushed boxes;

5)      Item not working because the customer’s system is faulty or the wrong region; OR

6)      Condition of the item is not to the customer's liking. (Please also see Condition Rating Policy)

Even though we always try to bring you the best possible items, we only guarantee that the item will work correctly.

LOST OR BROKEN ITEMS: If an item is lost or broken in the mail, or arrives to you and does not play properly, we will provide one of the following solutions:

1)      A full store credit for the price of the item; OR

2)      A replacement for FREE; OR

3)      Have the item fixed for FREE.

In all cases (except if the item is lost in transit) the item must be returned at buyers expense and be in the exact condition it was in when delivered. We will then inspect the item and provide the solution we believe best suits the situation, if the transaction qualifies. Shipping and handling is non-refundable.


GBE Shipping Policies:

1)      ITEMS LOST IN MAIL Domestically: We DO cover against items lost in the mail domestically (after 8 weeks), and items that are not playable in accordance with the policies above.

2)       ITEMS BROKEN BY CUSTOMER: We will NOT replace items that you scratch or break.

3)      NEW ITEMS are factory sealed and therefore NOT returnable for any reason.

4)      STOLEN ITEMS: We will NOT cover items stolen from your mailbox, porch, etc.

Our shipping policy only guarantees delivery to Confirmed US Addresses. International customers can purchase additional insurance upon request.

Delivery Confirmation is added to all domestic orders (international when available). If the item shows as delivered, the item will not be considered lost.

Items that are rejected, marked "returned to sender," and/or undeliverable as addressed will not be processed for a return and will simply be considered abandoned by buyer. We ship directly through Shopify, and do not alter the shipping address in any way. The item is shipped to the exact shipping address the customer provides, exactly as the customer provides it, to shopify, at time of checkout, and/or is submitted on the customer's behalf via the shipping address that is on file with the account they use to submit payment. Please make certain your address is correct prior to purchase.


  1. Our standard shipping dates are Tuesdays and Fridays(Shipping dates may vary)
  2. We ship more frequently during the Christmas season.
  3. Grumpy Bob's Emporium and NewFire Gaming are not responsible for shipping delays caused by the US Post Office.
  4. The estimated shipping time is provided automatically by USPS. This does not include handling time. We do not guarantee any shipping time estimates. 
  5. Delivery Confirmation numbers provided to US customers ONLY.

Additional SHIPPING Information:

1.)    SHIPPING PRICE includes shipping and handling fees, so no other fees will be added! We do not believe in hidden charges!

2.)    SHIP-TO ADDRESS: The shipping address you provide to Shopify, PayPal, etc. is your responsibility. We use automated shipping and in no way alter the provided shipping address. MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT! We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable addresses. Returned packages are subject to additional shipping and handling fees and/or may be considered abandoned by the customer.


1)    6.85% Sales Tax must be added if you are an Illinois buyer.

2)    International customers are responsible for any duties/taxes that their country may charge.


This is not a warranty.