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Payolas - Under the Volcano (Cassette Tape) ~ Pre-Owned (Cassette and Case)

  • $19.99

Only 1 left!

Includes: Cassette and Case w/ Case Art

100% Original and Guaranteed to Play! (used media items do not include any codes of any kind.) All of our items go through a thorough inspection process. We use top of the line VMI Hybrids to buff any items, that may need it. Our customers can order from us with peace of mind, knowing that the items they receive from us will work as stated!

Track List:
1. Dirty Water
2. I Will
3. Blind, The Deaf And The Lame
4. Knocking On Closed Doors
5. What Children Say
6. Talk To Me
7. Middle Of The Night
8. There's Always Someone Tougher
9. Oh Ruby
10. It's Alway Raining

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