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Retreat to Darkmoor (Card and Board Games) NEW

Retreat to Darkmoor (Card and Board Games) NEW

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The foul forces of Darkmoor have amassed their legions to strike at the Capital City. Despite their well-laid machinations, something awaits them within the city walls: the realm's legendary heroes, who have gathered to council the king. Failing to siege the city, each overlord's minions must now retreat to Darkmoor lest they be captured-or worse.

In Retreat to Darkmoor!, players assume the roles of dark overlords of the realm, each commanding an identical deck of minions. Your goal: to successfully evade the legendary heroes and take refuge in the various locations of Darkmoor. Each minion that manages to escape will count toward control of a location, but beware of your so-called collaborators, as each overlord also scores points for eliminating rival minions!

Product Details
Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category: Fantasy
  • Area Control
  • Hand Management
Ages: 14+
Players: 2 - 4
Play Time: 30 - 45 minutes
  • Matt Loomis
  • Isaac Shalev
  • Jacqui Davis
  • Scott Hartman
Publisher: Action Phase Games
Contents: * 8 Legendary Hero cards
* 72 Monster cards
* 20 Victory Point tokens
* 10 Peril tokens
* 6 Location cards (double-sided)
* 1 Rulebook

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