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Shadowrift (Board Game) NEW

Shadowrift (Board Game) NEW

  • $74.99

- New/Factory Sealed

In the town of New Haven, an evil presence lurks, ready to unleash its power when the moment is right. For now though, there is still a chance that this abberation that the locals have dubbed the Shadowrift can be closed, sealing the monsters that lurk within behind a dimensional wall forever. Do you and your fellow heroes have what it takes to defeat the powers within and destroy this link between worlds? 

Shadowrift is an innovative card game that uses a variety of deckbuilding mechanics to evoke the theme of a town under seige, and the heroes banding together to defend it.

Product Details
Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category: Fantasy
  • Cooperative
  • Deck Building
  • Hand Management
Ages: 14+
Players: 1 - 6
Play Time: 45 - 120 minutes
Designer: Jeremy Anderson
  • Enggar Adirasa
  • Kirsten Brown
  • Andy Kluthe
  • Tom Kelly
  • Nicholas Kay
  • Tomasz Jedruszek
  • Ross Grams
  • Colin Epstein
  • Elin Petterson
  • Terry Pavlet
  • Jose Munoz
  • Philip X. Liu
  • Levente Ruckert
  • Sabine van Apeldoorn
  • Thomas Williams
Publisher: Game Salute
Contents: * 500+ Cards
* Card dividers
* 31 Tokens

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