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A People That Can Hold Their Liquor

Posted by Raymond Voegele on

I was responding to someone yesterday, regarding how ignorant Chistians have become, and stopped dead in my tracks, and was once again sitting before the Prophet, Bob Jones, and heard him speak those words again, and my soul felt it.
I’m reminded of when I sat before Bob Jones, and he said, “God is looking for a people that can hold their liquor.”
I see a lot of vomiting, stumbling around, blurred vision, and slurring of the Word.
I posted this without a second thought...and then immediately began seeing all the places I have failed to "hold my liquor," and conviction set in.

I remember when this word was originally spoken in the 90s, people thought it was regarding "The River" and how a simple touch from God made people shake, and roll, and laugh, and scream, etc etc etc....and that God was looking for a people that could handle more, and not immediately become ""drunk in the spirit" every time God showed up.

Although all of that is also true, I saw a people that have become drunk with emotions, with pain, with worry, with fear, with their own knowledge and thoughts, and so on....and God is saying, "I am looking for a people that can hold their liquor."

Our minds, hearts, souls, bodies, spirits...are operating under the influence.
In this world, it's not that we aren't going to be found with "liquor" in us, but the body of Christ was set in place to be able to filter and help us "hold our liquor."

It's time to sober up.
Where and what we turn to in "the delay"...


We can become drunk to dumb ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. To hold back the tears.

Could it be...the flood that is coming, is coming because a sober people, truly feel the heart of God again, and liquid prayers flood the earth?

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  • Thank you Raymond!

    Dee Ripley on

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