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Negativity is Like Witchcraft

Posted by Raymond Voegele on

Acting due to truth, against evil, does not require any negativity.

Negativity is essentially a tool we use when we feel week, hopeless, and powerless.

We use it almost like witchcraft...a counterfeit power and mindset, in place of hope, faith, and holy belief...which has the power to create, call forth, raise up, and bring light to the darkness.

We end up creating an atmosphere of negativity in our mind, and hover over circumstances via thought, as God hovered over the earth at creation.

Those negative thoughts that attempt to exalt themselves against the Knowledge of God, are in likeness to Lucifer, who was cast down, and given reign over the earth...but not authority.

We can either allow negativity to rule and reign...or we can choose to walk in the authority that has been given to us, and set up boundaries of thanksgiving.

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