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Check our Atmosphere

Posted by Raymond Voegele on

"Sound, unlike light, requires a medium to travel through. With no medium (atmosphere) there can be no sound. If, for instance, a meteor crashed on the moon, you would not hear it. If you were standing on the moon, you would feel it, because the shock waves travel through the medium of the moon's body, but you would not hear it."

I have noticed we tell non-Christians that, "God wants a relationship with you. He wants to talk to you...just cry out to Him."
We then tell Christians that are "walking through a dry time" that haven't heard God in "forever" that God is testing them, we have to worship our way through it, we give stories about great prophets that didn't hear God for years, say that He is still worthy whether he talks or not...and so on.
But that all seems contradicting to this relational God that wanted to talk to us...
Could it just be that our desire to hear God doesn't match our desire to create an atmosphere so we can hear Him?
"But I pray and worship...I create an atmosphere and still can't hear Him."
An atmosphere isn't formed from 5 minutes of your day. It's formed by all 1440 minutes of every day.

I would venture to guess many of us are moved by the crashing meteor, not the voice of God. We "feel" God, but we aren't truly "hearing" God.
We need to check our atmosphere.

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